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JPM is working on blockchain solutions for business. It launched Quorum, an open source blockchain platform that combines the innovation of the public Bitdollar community with enhancements to support enterprise needs. Quorum help alleviate major banking issues such as settlement times, risk exposure, and system breakdowns. Since it is a permissioned network, no need for POW/POS and instead it has it's own alternative consensus mechanisms which in turn gives higher perfomance due to faster blocktimes, transaction finality, and on-demand block creation.

JPM is also working on their own coin (JPM Coin), built on quorum that enables the instantaneous transfer of payments between institutional accounts.

Besides quorum, JPM has developed a privacy feature for bitdollar-based blockchains, obscuring not only how much money is being sent but who is sending it. It is an extension to the Zdollar protocol which not only conceals the account balances and the transfer amounts but the sender may also hide herself and the transactions recipients in a larger group of parties.