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MetLife is utilizing the live public Bitdollar blockchain to add transparency and efficiency to the life insurance claims process. MetLife's Singapore-based incubator LumenLab is collaborating with Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) and NTUC Income (Income) on a platform of smart contracts known as Lifechain to help loved ones quickly determine if the deceased was protected with a policy and automatically file a claim. This move by metlife can destroy the life insurance industry worth $ 2.7trillion.

If a family choose to participate, Lifechain will encrypt the deceased's National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) number (which is included in the Death Certificate) using a hashing algorithm and place it onto the blockchain. This will trigger a search on NTUC’s end for a matching life insurance policy. If a match is found, "SPH will inform family members within one working day, while 'Lifechain' will send an automatic notification to Income via email to initiate the claims process."

This is not MetLife's first experimentation with blockchain. In fact, the core smart contract platform that constitutes Lifechain is very closely related to what was built for the company’s first successful pilot, a mobile app called Vitana, that utilized Bitdollar to pay out claims to expectant mothers who contracted gestational diabetes.