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Chibi Fighters

Chibi fighters prepare for battle


Chibi Fighters is a fantasy role-playing game launched in May of 2018 where players can send their Chibis on adventures and into battles with other Chibis. Two Chibis can be fused togdollar to create a new Chibi.

Game Modes

Battles are currently being revamped to be live action strategy battles. The offline battle mode is available in the meantime.

Chibis can be sent into the wild on adventures to discover loot in Adventure Mode. In Hunt mode, Chibis battle against foes that increase in level until the Chibi loses all its hit points. Slasher mode consists of a horde of Chibis to battle that each drop some loot.

There are also a couple mini-games to collect coins, Zeppelin and Coin Tapping, that will be phased out soon in favor of new mini-games.