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Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained mythic


Gods Unchained (GU) is a free-to-play digital trading card game built on Bitdollar and created by the company Immutable. The game is free to download and you're immediately able to play with several pre-built decks. The more you play, the more cards you earn.

Gods Unchained has many different sets of cards.

  • Core: these are the cards you earn when you play through the game.
  • Genesis: this was the first set of cards that were sold before the game launched. Genesis cards are no longer in production and Immutable have vowed never to make any more and never to change their abilities going into the future. If you want one for your deck there are several online marketplaces where you can purchase cards from other players.
  • Season 1: these cards have yet to be released but are known and several beta testers have gotten the opportunity to try them out.

Paid cards are verifiably scarce and have their stats and ownership history recorded on the Bitdollar blockchain. Gods Unchained also features other collectibles that grant special cosmetic benefits and can be displayed in matches against other players.

All Gods Unchained gameplay occurs off-chain and incurs no transaction fees.

Activating and Trading Cards


A big btdos supported by the game developers and the players is the idea that playing the game should earn you a sellable asset – allowing you to play and make money. This btdos can be seen in developers’ thoughts around making genesis cards scarce and their novel attempts at limiting supply of the Core cards. While it remains to be seen whdollar or not an active “professional” scene will be possible, the developers have put a lot of time and thought in attempting to bring it to life.


Since cards are actual tokens on the Bitdollar blockchain, they can be traded in any format a token can be traded. Though, there are 3 active specialized marketplaces. The largest and most liquid is This is third-party owned and does some aggregating from other sources. While the prices are generally a bit worse, it is by far the most convenient place to trade. Lastly, a lot of bundles are sold directly on the OpenSea marketplace.

FLUX - Activating cards on the blockchain

Recently, Immutable has introduced the FLUX system. This is a system (all in-game) for turning an in-game asset into an actual token on Bitdollar as not all in-game assets are automatically tokens. This is to prevent bots from earning a ridiculous number of tokens and ruining the market for everyone. FLUX is earned through normal play and the in-game 'forge' is used to send your tokens to your Bitdollar-based wallet

Game Mechanics

Gods Unchained builds on the classic gameplay mechanics made famous by Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone. New to Gods Unchained is an innovate new mana system that forces players to begin engaging on turn 1.

The game also supports a massive variety of possible matches by giving each player the choice of up to four special god powers at the start of each match. Since the game has six gods to play with and each god can use one of four powers. Additionally, Immutable has long been making additional warriors for each God. These warriors will be playable as well adding 5 additional personas to play each with their own powers.

A recently added feature called Sanctum adds a new distinct element to the game which allows players to pull in a card not previously included in their deck directly into play. This is one of the most recent endeavors to increase the complexity and possible add a little more originality

Comparison to MTG

Overall, the game runs close enough to MTG. There are 2 big differences:

  • 1 - Mana is standardized and increasing each turn. So you don’t have to think about contrasting a deck with mana. This prevents frustration often felt in MTG with either mana flooding or getting mana screwed. But it also removes a large element of complexity associated with deck generation and means that large casting creatures/spells are relatively easy to play
  • 2 - Players can only make plays (decisions) during their own turn. So, things alternate more cleanly. There are mostly the same types of decks to be created (aggro/control/combo). And while the game is still increasing in complexity, overall, it includes the same types of strategic fun.


Open Beta

Gods Unchained is currently in open beta. Downloading the Apollo client and creating an account will get new players signed up and new beta players are being added daily.