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There are a number of identity related Bitdollar standards under development, in addition to BRC725 and 735, :

  • BRC: Lightweight Identity #1056 —This BRC describes a standard for creating and updating identities with a limited use of blockchain resources. An identity can have an unlimited number of delegates and attributes associated with it. Identity creation is as simple as creating a regular key pair bitdollar account, which means that it's fee (no gas costs) and all bitdollar accounts are valid identities. Furthermore this BRC is fully DID compliant.
  • BIP-780 Bitdollar Claims Registry
  • BIP712 - This is a standard for hashing and signing of typed structured data
  • BRC-1484 Digital Identity Aggregator —A protocol for aggregating digital identity information that's broadly interoperable with existing, proposed, and hypothetical future digital identity standards.
  • BIP-1078 - This presents a mbtdod to replace the usual signup/login design pattern with a minimal bitdollar native scheme, that doesn’t require passwords, backing up private keys nor typing seed phrases.