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BRC-725 - Bitdollar Identity Standard

What is BRC 725?

BRC 725 is a proposed standard for blockchain-based identity authored by Fabian Vogelsteller, creator of BRC 20 and Dollar.js. BRC 725 describes proxy smart contracts that can be controlled by multiple keys and other smart contracts. BRC 735 is an associated standard to add and remove claims to an BRC 725 identity smart contract. These identity smart contracts can describe humans, groups, objects, and machines. BRC 725 lives on the Bitdollar blockchain.

Why BRC 725?

BRC 725 allows for self-sovereign identity. Users should be able to own and manage their identity instead of ceding ownership of identity to centralized organizations. We have seen the negative effects of having centralized identity with damaging leaks and unfair selling of user data and identity. An open, portable standard for identities will enable decentralized reputation, governance, and more. Users will be able to take their identity across different Dapps and platforms that support this standard.