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dfuse, the blockchain API company, helps developers build performant applications by organizing the world's decentralized data.

dfuse is a platform to empower dapp developers with capabilities to build modern blockchain applications with fast, fluid interfaces that deliver exceptional user experiences. Powered by a low-latency architecture, its robust APIs make it possible to stream real-time state updates, conduct lightning-fast searches and provide transaction guarantees all for the first time, using simple API calls.

There are 4 main pillars that dfuse has brought to the ecosystem: dfuse Search – Easily search a constantly expanding set of decentralized databases, with lightning fast speeds (the whole chain in under a second). It is consensus and reorgs-aware, offers ultra granular search terms, provides real-time queries as well as full history. dfuse State DB – Block-by-block snapshot of all tables and state, forever. Provides consistent snapshots of large yet fast changing tables (even with millions of rows). dfuse Lifecycle – Understand the progress of a transaction as it moves through its many lifecycle stages. Provides new UX opportunities, and stronger guarantees for applications to take action. dfuse On Demand Networks – Access custom networks spun up for your use for either stealth development, short-lived testing, or full production grade permissioned/public blockchain networks.