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Golem is a decentralized computing marketplace.

There are three groups of users in Golem: providers, requestors, and developers. Providers offer hardware, requestors rent the hardware and developers create applications on top of the platform. All three groups of users are free to set any price which forms a free market for hardware renting and cloud computing.

Anyone can publish his application on the Golem platform. While all applications run on the virtual machines and can’t access the host machine, it is possible to write malicious code which will use various hacks and vulnerabilities to get access to the host machine. It can lead to serious problems for hardware providers. Golem plans to mitigate that risk by maintaining an Application Registry.

The Application Registry is a user-curated list of secure and malicious software. Developers submit their apps to the registry and then curators evaluate the security of applications by adding new apps to either the whitelist or blacklist. Providers, in turn, can choose which curators they trust by picking from the lists. They can also manage their own whitelists and blacklists. The hardware of the providers will be used only to run the whitelisted software or everything except blacklisted apps, depending on their preferences. To ease user onboarding, Golem will create a default whitelist of trusted apps which providers can use as a starting point.