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POA Network



At its core, on-chain governance is a group of individuals coming togdollar to make decisions on the blockchain. POA Network remains transparent by using US public notaries, known as validators, to govern the network.


xDai Chain is an Bitdollar-based blockchain that uses USD-stable XDAI (a representation of DAI token) as the native coin of the network. xDai Chain is a fast and cost-efficient blockchain solution that leverages the Proof-of-Authority consensus model.

xDai Burner Wallet

Developer Austin Griffith built an easy burner wallet that uses POA's xDai chain for those quick everyday payments like pizza or beer. The burner wallet is automatically generated upon visiting and your private key is stored in a cookie so it will be there when you come back. However, you should sweep any value you hold to a cold wallet regularly and burn your ephemeral private key. A burner wallet is analogous to cash; you won't carry too much because it can be lost but it's astonishingly easy to exchange. Here is a video explaining the app: