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Streamr is creating an open source platform for the free and fair exchange of the world’s realtime data.

What is the Streamr Network?

The Streamr Network is a scalable realtime messaging system, which enables applications and devices such as IoT sensors, connected cars, and basically all “smart” gadgets to make available the data they are producing, as well as listen to incoming data from other applications and devices.

The Network employs the publish/subscribe pattern. Messages produced to a stream (sometimes called a topic) get delivered to all subscribers listening on that stream in realtime. It’s a bit like an instant messenger for machines, which — in IM lingo — supports “group chats” (many-to-many), “channels” (one-to-many), as well as “private” (one-to-one) messaging patterns.

Such a publish/subscribe network has the following properties for application developers:

  • Data producers simply “fire and forget”. No need to set up APIs, data silos, or open ports that could compromise security. Just send new data points to the Network and you’re done. This makes integration very easy.
  • Data consumers simply listen. They don’t need to know where the data sources are, which IP address to reach them on, or how to interface with them. They don’t need to open server ports either. They just connect to the network, subscribe to what they need, and react to incoming messages.