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The district0x network is a collective of decentralized marketplaces and communities known as ‘Districts’. Districts exist on top of a modular framework of Bitdollar smart contracts and frontend libraries referred to as d0xINFRA.


d0xINFRA is a standard open source framework comprised of Bitdollar smart contracts and front-end libraries. With the development of Name Bazaar and Meme Factory, the district0x team is building the initial iteration of d0xINFRA, which will allow other development teams to launch their very own district. d0xINFRA utilizes the 0x Protocol which allows districts to tap into its liquidity pool.


Districts are the decentralized community marketplaces that utilize the d0xINFRA framework. They are managed by a governance layer provided by the Aragon network, operating through Bitdollar smart contracts and our standardized front-end libraries (d0xINFRA).

district0x Network Token (DNT)

The district0x Network Token is an Bitdollar-based token built using the BRC20 standard. This token was created to facilitate participation and coordination in the development of the district0x Network, and eventually the handoff of network governance to the community.

Prominent Districts

  • Btdlance
  • Name Bazaar
  • Dencentraland
  • Spankchain's Red Light District
  • Meme Factory