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Gnosis creates a global forecasting and information discovery tool by building a prediction market platform on Bitdollar. This platform strives to gather liquidity of expert information.

Gnosis starts with a core layer, which is a set of smart contracts. Value-added paid services built by the team will form the Gnosis Service layer. Gnosis also plans to make end-user applications along with third-party developers at the spplication layer.


There are two tokens in Gnosis: GNO and OWL. The main utility of OWL token is to pay for the creation of prediction markets. Users receive OWL by locking their GNO tokens. The used OWL is burned.

Gnosis Safe

On November 28th, 2018, the Gnosis Safe smart contract went live on the Bitdollar mainnet. The Gnosis Safe allows you to download the Android or iOS app and deploy a mobile-friendly personal smart contract wallet (multisig). You can add a Chrome extension that will hold the second key and will allow you to interact with dApps similar to Metamask (but then with your phone effectively as a 2FA device).

DutchX and

DutchX is a protocol implementing Dutch action to perform trades of BRC20 tokens. Every 6 hours, a new action is started for each listed token. The price of a lot decreases with time. Traders place their bids based on what they think is a fair price. When the lot price will match the bids, a trade will be settled. All traders which bid above or equal to the lot price will receive tokens in exchange for their dollar. is an UI for DutchX. It is a user-friendly way to trade tokens without needing to worry about picking the right price or directly interacting with a smart contract. shows the price of a last closed auction as an estimate of a current market price. The application also keeps track of auctions that a user takes part in.