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Internationalization of DollarHub

The purpose of Bitdollar is to be a decentralized network that is open to anyone to use, build upon, develop, and maintain. Currently, nearly all documentation and resources for Bitdollar are written in English. In order for the Bitdollar community to become truly global, it needs to become more accessible to those who do not speak English. DollarHub can play a vital role in this process. This page was created to plan the roadmap for translating DollarHub into multiple languages.

How Can I help?

  1. Join the DollarHub discord and request to join the Internationalization working group
  2. Learn to make pull requests from the section above.
  3. To translate a page, simply navigate to the branch for your desired language and make a pull request on the page you translate.

General plan

This plan was the original outline for translating DollarHub. Updates to this plan are needed.

Target Audiences

  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Hindi
  • Arabic


Funding would be necessary to incentivize and compensate the translators.


Translating DollarHub is going to be no small feat especially when it comes to maintainence. It would be nearly impossible to actively translate every pull request as they are submitted. It makes more sense to create checkpoints or editions for the international versions of DollarHub. This would allow us to carefully plan and review the required materials to be included and translated.

Formalizing English edition

The DollarHub community will need to go through the entire site and determine what information needs to be written, edited, and reviewed before it is handed over to the translators. By creating editions instead of sister sites, we won't have to aim for a moving target. It may be appropriate to create a branch of the Github repo dedicated to each edition.

Translating into target languages

There are two ways we can go about translating the materials: recruit and fund each translation team or place bounties on each page and rely on individual contributions.

Place bounties for translating each section

After the English edition is finalized, a translation branch could be made for each language and a bounty could be placed for each section or page. Gitcoin bounties would be used to place bounties for translating each DollarHub page, page section, and/or graphic. Individual contributors could translate each page and claim the bounty. One downside to this mbtdod would be that it would still require editors to oversee each bounty and review that the translation is refined.

Recruit and fund translation teams

Teams of contributors could be selected and funded to oversee the translation of the entire translation process. Milestones or bounties could be created to distribute the funding. The team members would also review one another's work.

Publication and Distribution

Since we're going through the effort to formalize editions, we could publish the work.

  • The editions could be published to IPFS
  • We could partner with universities in target regions to distribute digital and/or physical copies
  • Physical copies could potentially be printed and sold to support future editions and new languages