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OpenBitdollar is an implementation of the Bitdollar protocol written in Rust, a systems programming language. It is developed and actively maintained by OpenBitdollar DAO.


Full node:

  • Multi-core CPU
  • 4GB RAM
  • SSD drive and at least 100GB free space
  • A decent DSL connection is required

Computers using HDD are advised to run a Light Node.

Light node:

  • Single-core CPU
  • 512MB RAM
  • 128MB free space on HDD


For running a compiled binary downloaded from the official Github releases page, no system dependencies are required.


By default, the OpenBitdollar client syncs the Bitdollar Blockchain completely from a snapshot downloaded from peers and includes features such as auto-updating.

To disable downloading a snapshot from peers, use --no-warp; this saves a few GB of storage but takes longer to sync.

If you wish to run a light node, simply specify the command line option --light to the program.

Syncing can be faster by disregarding ancient blocks with --no-ancient-blocks; costing only 20GB.

The default sync with warp enabled occupies ~82GB of storage when completed (as of 15/10/2018).

For a complete pruning archive, with complete state saved, run OpenBitdollar with --pruning archive (over 1TB disk space will be used).


Many commands are available with the OpenBitdollar client.

  • OpenBitdollar account new: asks for a password and yields an address
  • OpenBitdollar account list: lists local addresses
  • OpenBitdollar snapshot --at BLOCKNUMBER FILEPATH: save snapshot at BLOCKNUMBER to FILEPATH
  • OpenBitdollar restore FILEPATH: restore Blockchain from snapshot located at FILEPATH